27 September 2016

Real Power

Jeremy was staring at the paperclip on his desk. Underwhelmed by the workload, he had done all of the paperwork he was tasked for the day and had nothing left to fill the last two hours of his shift. Normally, this would be the time where he would kill the time remaining on the Internet or reading a sci-fi novel, but the recently enacted company policy dictated no books during work hours, and the website blockers on each PC made each time killing site inaccessible. Instead, he sat staring at the paperclip. Lost in his own mind.

He was mentally checked out, but his subconscious mind studied each detail of the insignificant object. The way the light reflected off of the steel wire, the curvature of each bend, all soaked into his mind. He imagined the weight of it in his hand. In his minds eye, he felt as if he could feel the touch of it as if he were holding it. He thought about flicking it across the desk, when suddenly it shifted. The shift was so slight, that he barely registered the movement at all, but he was staring at it so intently that he knew he had seen it.

What just happened? He thought to himself. He was awakened from his trance-like state by a mix of surprise and confusion. Did I just move that with my mind? The thought of Telekinesis was always a little far-fetched to Jeremy, but he always fantasized about a world where powers like that could be real. Instead of continuing to question what had happened, he tried again. 

Jeremy tried to force himself into that dream-like state that he was in previously, concentrating hard on the paperclip, but with his new focus, nothing was happening. After what seemed to be an hour, he had lost the intense focus he had been maintaining and started to stare in the same manner as when he had first seen the paperclip move. It was not a meaningful change, but it had came just the same. After another 10 or so minutes of his subconscious mind mapping out the various twists and turns of the paperclip, he imagined picking it up. As this happened, the paperclip raised about a centimeter off of the desk.

As soon as he noticed what had happened, the concentration was gone and the paperclip dropped. 
I did it again! he thought. 
Although it took him quite a bit of time to get it the second time, he felt reasonably sure that he had learned the trick of it. Jeremy took a deep breathe and let it out slowly. He set his mind at ease and forcibly went back into the mental trance. Feeling his mind dance with the euphoria of knowing that he had not been imagining it the first time, he fell back into the trance within minutes. 

This time when he grasped the clip with his mind, he did not let his mind leave the trance. He lifted one end of the paperclip with his mind and forced it to stand on end. He imagined spinning it like a top on the desk, and as soon as the thought entered his mind, it danced. Twirling across the desk, rapidly spinning faster and faster, the paperclip began to blur. Jeremy almost jumped out of his chair out of pure joy, knowing he now had the powers of which he could only dream of obtaining.

One last test! he thought. Jeremy looked intently at the pen sitting next to his finished workload. As he studied it, he started to hear music. The music had a familiar sound to it, but he forced the sound out of his mind. He used his new-found skill and picked up the pen with the power of his mind. He started moving it towards one of the sticky notes across the desk. At this point the music penetrated his concentration and made him lose focus. He dropped the pen and tried once again to push the sounds out of his mind.

 At this point, the music was getting louder and louder. It seemed to be coming from nowhere in particular, but it penetrated his every thought. He tried once more to push it away, but to no avail. He finally gave into the sounds, and at that moment, Jeremy woke up.

21 June 2016

Star Wars: Force Artifacts and Holocrons

In the Star Wars Universe, there are many items that are seen to have Force attributes. Some items are used to enhance the Force abilities of the user, some items are imbued with knowledge, and some items are used as weapons.
In this post I will go over some of these items, Legends and Canon, and what they do.

First I will cover the Holocrons.


'Sith Holocron sketch 2' by tushka27

Sith Holocrons are device used to contain knowledge and information gathered by the Sith over the many millenniums that they have existed. To access this information, a Force user must be able to tap directly into the dark side. Sith Holocrons are also able to be used as keys to Sith Temples and weapons. (Spoiler from Star Wars Rebels) The Jedi-in-Training, Ezra Bridger, is seen attempting (and succeeding) at opening a Sith Holocron. This ability hints at the possibility of a seduction to the Dark side, which is multiplied by the fact that the knowledge within most likely will tempt him further to the dark. In Legends, it was possible for a Jedi to access the information from a Sith Holocron, but not without great power, and most would succumb to sickness from the act.

The Sith Holocron would also be known to have a Gatekeeper. Capturing the personality of the one who stored the information in it, and projecting a 3D Holo-image of the Sith to anyone who accessed the information.


'Jedi Holocron' by NovemberBlueSun

The Jedi Holocron was very much like the Sith Holocron.
The Jedi Holocron also had a Gatekeeper who would teach Jedi techniques and give instructions to those willing to learn the information stored inside.
Within the Jedi Archives of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Jedi Holocrons were stored within the Holocron Vault. Only Jedi who currently served on the Jedi High Council were permitted to access the Vault.

Some Holocrons could only be accessed with Memory Crystals.

These Crystals, like the Holocrons, were created to store information.
One crystal, only known as the Kyber Memory Crystal, was said to hold "a list of every known Force-Senitive child in the galaxy, the future younglings, the future of the Jedi Order."

Another force artifact worth noting:
Healing Crystals of Fire 

The Healing Crystals of Fire were guarded in the Jedi temple and were used to heal Jedi from grievous wounds. They were powerful enough to keep to save an individual from almost certain death.


Easily the most powerful item on this list, the Darkstaff was an sentient item that could such the force energies out of everything around it. It became so powerful that it even destroyed an entire planet. The Darkstaff was able to possess beings around it and take control of them. As well as that, it created a shield around it in the form of a Force void, where the Force was unable to be used in its immediate vicinity.
On top of all of that, it could teleport itself at will and spawn Shadowbeasts. Lightsabers had no effect on it, and it could create a Force-induced Hyperspace Wormhole.
In the list of overpowered items in the Star Wars universe, the Darkstaff takes the cake.

If you liked reading about the items on this list, let me know and I will make another. There are plenty of Force artifacts and interesting items in the Star Wars universe.

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29 April 2016

Star Wars Fan Art Part IV: Heroes

Here is Part IV of the Star Wars Fan Art series.
This post is all about Heroes of Star Wars.
All credit goes to these amazing artists! As always, the titles of each work will be a link to the source of the images.

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That's all for this post. There were a lot more of the male characters that I wanted to include, but I picked my absolute favorites.
For the female characters, it's excruciatingly hard to find suitable art, because many of the pieces I found were very sexual, and that is not what this blog is about.

I hope you all enjoyed!
More art to come next week.

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28 April 2016

Star Wars Fan Art Part III: Villains

Here is the third installment of my favorite fan art for Star Wars.
As always, I will post all links to where I found these pieces as their titles.

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'Darth Malgus' by Daniel-Abreu

'Darth Malgus' by BojanaJokic


'Star Wars - Darth Vader' by TheFirstAngel

'Shadows of Tatooine' by Raymond Swanland

'Darth Vader redesign' by JoseArias

'Darth Maul' by Daniel Comerci

'Darth Maul' by Elia Bonetti

'Darth Maul' by aditya777

'Darth Nihilus' by Unknown

'Darth Revan vs Darth Nihilus-C' by clarkspark

'Darth Nihilus' by NeeCoaLa

'General Grievous Star Wars' by Twynsunz

This artist has many different pieces, most aren't Star Wars, but I highly recommend checking out his page. HERE is the link. He does a lot of Marvel superheroes and other great pieces. If you like concept art, you will love what he does. I'll post a couple more of his pieces below.

That is all I have for this post.
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