21 April 2016

Star Wars Fan Art

In this post, I will be sharing some of my favorite artwork that I have found that has been made by fans of Star Wars.

I myself am not artistically inclined, so none of these pieces are my own works. They are just the favorites out of many I have seen.

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'Darth Vader' by Adam Spizak

'Luke vs. Kylo Ren' by Eli Hyder

'The Empire Bargains' by Joshua Viers

'Silent Guardian' by Raymond Swanland

'Darth Revan' by Juan Martín

'Darth Revan' by John Gallagher

'Rey's Favourite Spot' by Ben Lo

'Fett' by Dan LuVisi

'Sith Assassin' by Steven Syre

'Luke Skywalker' by Cristi Balanescu

Stormtrooper Elite Concept by Mohammed Z. Mukhtar

'The Pilot' by Paul Johnson

I recommend opening this up with the title link to see it in full resolution.

'Sith' by Marcin Koszalski

'Restoration' by Dan LuVisi

'Purge' by Robbie McSweeney

'Battle on Planet Hoth' (Star Wars Reimagined) by Stepan Alekseev

'Captain Phasma Unmasked' by Kelly McLarnon

Force and Destiny - Qui-Gon Jinn by Jarreau Wimberly

'Brothers in arms' by Ryan Crain

'Control' by Jeffrey Morris

'Sith Witch' by Rod Wong

'Darth Maul assembling his lightsaber' by Chun Lo

'Daughter of Darth Maul' by Jeremy Chong

'Ahsoka Lives' by Charles Tan

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'Asajj Ventress Redesign' by Colin White

'Darth Vader reimagined' by Strppngynglad

'Shepard and Revan' by Isabel Westling

'Star Wars Re-imagined: Padme Amidala Queen of the Sith' by Kirill Repin

A little different than the others, but it's good art still, and I thought it deserves a place here.

'Grievous vs Yoda: Salvation droid R2D2' by Timur Dairbayev

I recommend clicking the title to see this one in full resolution.

'Kylo Ren' by Mark McHaley

'Starkiller' by Mark McHaley

'Master Rey' by Howard Pak

I like seeing Rey in Jedi robes. It makes me excited for the next movie.

'Star Wars - Revan' by Corbin Hunter

"Before he was 'Kylo Ren'..." by Mer (TheRealMcgee)

Ben Solo

'Bastila Shan' by Corbin Hunter

'Awakened Ancient Sith' by Daniil Aleksandrovich

'Beefy X-Wings' by Joshua Viers

That's all I have to share for now. There are so many amazing artists out there, and I'm glad to get to share some of there work.
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