22 April 2016

The Lord of the Rings: Fan Art

I normally do mainly Star Wars themed posts, but as my description states, this is a website for all types of nerdy things. So for the post today, I present a Lord of the Rings Fan Art collection.

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'Gandalf the Grey' by Omar-Atef

'Morgoth' by Frédéric Bennett

'Gandalf's Wandering Mind' by Jun Lu

'Nargathrond' by Jonathan Guzi

'Gondolin' by Jonathan Guzi

'The Throne Of Morgoth' by Daniel Pilla

'Lord Of the Rings wallpaper' by JohnnySlowhand

'Black Riders' by daRoz

'The Witch King' by Moni158

'Rivendell' by Jerry Vanderstelt

'Lord of the Rings Commission' by Nicolas Siner

'The Witch-King of Angmar, Before his Fading' by Fabio Leone

'Protector of the Forests' by Ryan Van Dongen

'Sauron' by Nikola Plecas

'The Taming of Smeagol' by Donato Giancola

'Finding Frodo' by Omer Tunç

'The Fellowship of the Ring' in Moria by Donato Giancola

'Road to Isengard' by Jacek Irzykowski

'Angmar' by Stjepan Sejic

'Gandalf in Moria - The Three Doorways' by Donato Giancola

'Gandalf vs Balrog' by Minjun Kim

'The Wrath of the Ents' by Ted Nasmith

'Sauron' by Kinko White

'Machines of Isengard' by Julian Kok

'Creation of the Silmarils' by Alexey Rudikov

'Witch King' by Jeffrey Dean Murchie

That''s all I have to post for now. If I get enough feedback on these, I'll definitely add another posts worth!
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