21 April 2016

Star Wars videos to make you remember why you love the series

Art by Emmanuel Shiu

Upon perusing Reddit, I found a youtube channel called Make It Dirty, and the videos he has made are the first ones that have given me goosebumps even after a second watch. Here are my favorites so far.

The first few were pieced together with the scenes from Star Wars episodes I-VI

This one has a lot of good fight scenes with great music behind it.

Others like it are based on the new movies. Beware of spoilers, of course.

If this one doesn't get you pumped for Skywalker's return, I don't know what will!

The original trailer of the Force Awakened re-created is truly impressive

To finish out, here is a video highlighting the awakening of Rey as a Jedi.

There are plenty of great trailers to go along with these. I just touched on the surface. If you haven't already, go to his channel and subscribe and share!

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